TQMS Advantage

What Does TQMS Offer?

As a Registered Training Organisation, TQMS offers nationally recognised qualifications for staff and individuals, gained through on-the-job-training. TQMS training can improve productivity, help ensure compliance with regulations as well as provide a more engaged staff in the workplace.

While TQMS conducts the majority of its training programs within the workplace, Vocational Education Training (VET) is also available within a structured classroom environment for theory and assessment sessions. TQMS training programs can be tailored to suit your needs and can be conducted onsite to better equip your workforce within your environment.


The Training & Assessment Process

Registered Training Organisations

Registered Training Organisations are authorised to deliver workplace training in accordance with national standards. Working directly with employers or trainees to deliver structured on and off site training to achieve competency and nationally recognised food processing qualifications.

All Australian RTO’s are listed in the Training.gov.au (TGA) Vocational and Educational (VET) database.

Our Strengths

Information for Applicants

Contact TQMS to talk about training opportunities

Allow on-job access to trainees for training and assessment activities

Enjoy the benefits of competent staff to improve business profitability

In most cases, the direct costs to the employer are minimal due to the availability of government training subsidies for eligible workers – The Victorian Training Guarantee.

All training services are also offered on a fee-for-service basis and we are happy to negotiate training contract costs taking into account the number of workers both eligible and ineligible for state funding.

Business improvement activities, such as quality assurance consulting, are conducted on a fee-for service basis.

Contact TQMS to talk about training opportunities

You will need an employer or workplace willing to allow on-the-job access for training and assessment activities

Enjoy the benefits and opportunities of improved education and vocational skills