VITAL®3.0 Training Course
Allergen Management & VITAL Tool


This training will be delivered by Nicole Koek and Jenny Edwards.

Nicole is an experienced Regulatory Compliance professional and an approved Allergen Bureau VITAL Trainer. Nicole has more than 25 years’ industry experience in food safety & quality, data governance and regulatory compliance and has been an active industry contributor in the allergen space as part of AFGC/Allergen Bureau projects, such as FIGAML, ePIF, extended labelling.


Jenny is a seasoned educator in the food industry and an approved Allergen Bureau VITAL Trainer. Jenny has a passion to support learners in their learning journey and has a vested interest in allergens and allergen labelling due to anaphylaxis risk of a family member.

Please contact us on 03 9388 2345 or info@tqms.com.au to register now.

Voluntary Incidental Trace Allergen Labelling (VITAL®)
(latest version released 2019)

The Allergen Bureau’s VITAL® Program is a standardised quantitative risk-based approach for food processors to assess the impact of allergen cross contact. Even under conditions of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) cross contact may be difficult to eliminate entirely, leading manufacturers to use precautionary advisory statements to advise allergic consumers. The VITAL® Program produces a ‘labelling outcome’ that summarises the food allergens present in a food due to intentional inclusion as part of a recipe and where food allergens, present due to cross contact, should be included (or not) on the label in the form of the appropriate precautionary statement. This consumer centric approach of clear allergen labelling enables allergic consumers and their carers to avoid purchasing foods that may present a personal risk.

Recent changes included in VITAL®3.0:

• New and updated Reference Doses

• Updates to the calculators’ functionality

• Changes to the training program with the inclusion of the Allergen Risk Review Program.

This course provides learners with an understanding of the VITAL® (Voluntary Incidental Trace Allergen Labelling) system. The VITAL® 3.0 Online Calculator can assist with testing scenarios during product development and provides for ongoing monitoring and verification of the risk assessment process to ensure any changes to the level of risk are acted upon without delay.