Poultry Processing

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Poultry Processing

Poultry processing training programs are available at Certificate II and III levels, across a range of disciplines including poultry processing, poultry handling, poultry safety, poultry inspection and HACCP.

TQMS Certificate II & III graduates are provided with nationally recognised qualifications which enables industry employment throughout Australia.

Certificate II training involves an in-depth study at foundation level and may also be the minimum qualification for entry level work in some industries. Study at this qualification level also includes pre-apprenticeship training.

Certificate III replaces the previous system of trade certificates and provide training at a more advanced level, providing a higher degree of skills and knowledge.

The Certificate III program includes studies at a more in-depth level and offers graduates the ability to gain a higher degree of expertise to work in applicable industries. Study at this qualification level also includes apprenticeship training.

The training is conducted in the student’s work environment, assessing basic skills and measuring these against Victorian government specified criteria with more easily attainable work-based assessments, rather than traditional exams.

TQMS programs are conducted by highly experienced, well qualified instructors. The programs are tailored to suit individual requirements and are designed to be closely aligned to student working environments. Training materials are clear and easy to follow.

Poultry Processing Programs at TQMS:

Certificate II in Food Processing

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Certificate III in Food Processing

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