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TQMS – Training & Quality Management Services

John Price


John Price has a long history of developing and presenting training programs in many commodity areas of the food industry including meat processing, smallgoods, seafood, confectionery, fruit and vegetables.

He is a qualified workplace trainer and assessor with 25 years’ experience in developing and presenting accredited training programs and project consultancies to the domestic and export meat, food and seafood industries.

John regularly consults in the food and meat industry, providing guidance to organisations on the design, development, implementation and maintenance of their ISO, HACCP-based Quality Management Systems, Woolworths Quality Assurance systems and conducts internal audits for food businesses. His experience includes the coordination of training programs for the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service and delivery of these programs to AQIS regional staff across Victoria and Tasmania.

John is a Director of TQMS with responsibilities for the operational management of staff, quality management of the AQTF system and the development and delivery of training programs to a wide range of clients.

Outside of work John is a keen sportsman, loves the finer foods and has been known to partake in a red wine with dinner. He has a passion for greyhound and harness racing having owned or part-owned some successful greyhounds and horses.

Adam Hazell

Operations and Marketing Manager

With a solid background in developing business and managing clients within the vocational education sector Adam is solution focused and provides high level stakeholder management. Part of the TQMS team since 2014, he now works closely with clients and remains the point of contact when managing training projects. From identifying needs, to providing training solutions, to soliciting regular feedback ensuring the trainers are meeting expectations right through to assisting with any other VET needs.

Adam’s vision is to maximize the benefit for business by working with them as a partner in supporting their employees to gain a nationally recognized qualification. By suggesting training and funding options, Adam supports business working towards increased employee engagement and competency, with the aim to influence a positive effect on the culture of an organisation and a reduced employee turnover.

With exposure to poultry, meat and food processing, seafood industry and pre-employment training programs, and as a qualified trainer and assessor himself, Adam can cater a flexible sustainable training solution to the employers and student needs. Please contact Adam to hear how he can assist you.

Sally Soper

Administration Manager

One of Sally’s major roles is the management of the Student Management System (SMS), which is the major data collection, storage and reporting tool for the organisation. This system provides the basis for reporting of all training activity and statistical data in the nationally accredited courses to Skills Victoria.

Sally has extensive experience in the food and training industries working for Training & Quality Management Services, First Knight Investments, National Food Institute and Australian Food Group.

Sally also holds an Advanced Certificate in Horse Business Management, alluding to her passion for horses.

Jenny Edwards

Educational Design

Jenny is a seasoned educator in the food industry and an approved Allergen Bureau VITAL Trainer. Jenny has a passion to support learners in their learning journey and has a vested interest in allergens and allergen labelling due to anaphylaxis risk of a family member. She is also a trainer and assessor in Meat Safety and High Volume Baking.

Jenny has an extensive background in education, which is applied to the design, development and implementation of specialist training programs and the Learning Management System to support TQMS’ workplace-based training and assessment programs. As a part of the TQMS team since 2015, Jenny liaises with industry bodies, employers and not-for-profit organisations, and provides professional development support to TQMS’ training and assessment staff.

When Jenny is not in the office, you might find her taking a beach walk or losing herself in the art of chocolate making. Jenny brings passion, enthusiasm and dedication to all aspects of life and has a keen interest in environmental issues.

Karina McInnes

Resource Development

Karina supports TQMS with her expertise on the provision of resources and training materials. She has a Bachelor of Science with Honours from the Australian National University and has worked for a range of organisations, including CSIRO and several universities in a research capacity.

Karina has a passion for the great outdoors and enjoys spending time in the natural environment of the Australian landscape. She has an artistic eye and talented hand and has provided biological illustrations to a range of authors and publishers. Her favourite subject to draw/paint is anything botanical with a wish to one day explore the world of portraiture.

Ollie Gladwell


Ollie brings over 20 years of diverse experience in the VET sector to our administration team, having worked with private training organisations, a local Neighborhood House, an AASN, and a regional TAFE. With qualifications in Business, Marketing, and Training, Ollie is dedicated to providing exemplary customer service to both employers and students in Victoria and Queensland.

Ollie’s extensive background in the VET sector enables her to understand and address the unique needs of both students and employers effectively. With a focus on customer service this helps ensure that every interaction is not only helpful but also enhances the overall experience of those engaging with our programs.

In addition to her professional endeavours, Ollie has a passion for cooking, which allows her to explore creative culinary concepts and brings a touch of artistry to their daily life. With a love for travel further enriching her perspective, enabling her to bring a broad range of insights and experiences into the role. Whether travelling within Australia or venturing overseas, Ollie embraces the opportunity to learn from different cultures and cuisines, which they often incorporates into  cooking.

This combination of professional acumen and personal interests makes Ollie a valued member of our team, continually contributing to our culture of excellence and customer satisfaction. Her ability to blend passions with professional skills not only benefits our team but also inspires those around her.

Nicole Koek

Resource & Quality

Nicole Koek is our most recent addition to the TQMS team. Nicole has a MSc in Food Science & Technology from Wageningen University & Research in The Netherlands. In the more than 25 years of experience in factory and corporate roles, Nicole has gained a wide breadth of food industry knowledge. Her passion in food allergens and desire to sharing knowledge with other people resulted in becoming a food industry trainer & assessor.

Until recently Nicole was the Regulatory Compliance Lead in the corporate quality team for Simplot Australia, which operates in both Food Service and Retail with iconic brands like John West, Birds Eye, Edgell, Leggos, Lean Cuisine. Prior to this, Nicole worked 15 years in quality, production, data governance and training roles for Nestlé in Malaysia, The Netherlands and Australia with brands like NIDO milk powder, Kit Kat, Smarties, Allen’s.

Nicole supports TQMS team with the training materials and quality systems, and provides training focussed on Food Safety & Quality Assurance, Allergens and the VITAL tool.

In her free time, Nicole likes to go for a paddle in summer and hitting the slopes in winter, and she enjoys going camping in all year round.

Sal d’Oca

Lead Trainer

Sal has been involved in the food industry throughout his entire career in one capacity or another, ranging from catering and commercial food service, owning and operating a successful restaurant, to working in the food manufacturing sector. Sal has extensive experience in product development for customers such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Qantas Catering and major supermarket chains.

His passion for food, and possession of a wide range of catering and management skills combined with his expertise in food manufacturing have allowed Sal to naturally progress into the training and assessment field. Sal joined TQMS in 2009 after working for several other RTO’s and trains students in manufacturing, meat and hospitality.

Sal is particularly renowned for developing a great rapport with his industry colleagues and students due to a genuine interest in assisting teams and individuals in reaching their full potential within the food industry. His view is that you should always try to excel in whatever you do, however small or large, as everything you do makes a difference, if not to someone else, then at the very least to yourself.

Sal enjoys all the good things the great outdoors has to offer, fishing, bush walking, camping and cruising the highways on his two wheeled cruiser. In the home kitchen his creative juices are in full flow, bringing joy to family and friends.

Tim Allman

Trainer & Assessor

Tim has been facilitating and delivering training in the food industry within his various roles, both in Australia and overseas for over 25 years, and most recently with TQMS.

His extensive industry exposure to well-known brands varies from Export, Regulatory and Supplier Assurance Manager in the meat sector (Don Smallgoods -a division of GWF), Technical manager in foods (Campbell Arnott’s), Change Management and Quality Manager in dairy (Bega cheese) to Global Technical Manager in international commodity & trading (Sunrice).

Tim is subcontracting to TQMS as a trainer and through his own company Compass Food Solutions Pty. Ltd., he also subcontracts as a Food Safety & GMP Auditor to the American Institute of Baking throughout Australia. With his breath of knowledge, Tim trains students in leadership, Quality Assurance, HACCP and internal audits.

Tim has a lifelong love of learning and it gives him great satisfaction to be able to pass on knowledge to others and he loves seeing peoples faces when grasping a new concept. Tim enjoys building new relationships in the workplaces and loves to being exposed to new factories , processes and systems.

When Tim is not enjoying travelling or spending family time with their two girls and their partners, he can be found in the garden, on the golf course or with a paint brush in his hand.

Russell Bracken

Trainer & Assessor

Russell has extensive experience in production, quality assurance and meat retail industry roles. He brings this knowledge and experience with good humour and a smile to his training and assessment role at TQMS. He is currently training retail butchers in central regional Victoria and has students in the north central area of the Victoria undertaking smallgoods qualifications.

Russell also brings with him a wealth of experience in the primary meat industry, having worked in abattoir and smallgoods manufacturing areas in roles such as labourer, butcher, meat inspector and quality manager and business partner for ham and bacon at a prominent smallgoods establishment in Victoria.

Together with his wife Fiona, he enjoys travelling and quality time spent with their horses and maintaining paddocks and gardens at their property in Ballarat.

Greg Cotter

Trainer & Assessor

Greg has a strong background in training and assessment along with solid industry experience in animal welfare and meat inspection.

On a daily basis, Greg brings to his trainer role his extensive skills and experience that he gained as Production Manager (Scorpio Foods), Boning Room Supervisor (JBS Brooklyn) and Quality Assurance Manager (Pride Meats) and Meat Inspector (AQIS). He has been a trainer with TQMS for more than 5 years now and trains a variety of meat and food processing qualifications.

Greg is a passionate trainer who gives 100% to every student, regardless of their abilities. He loves to share his knowledge and experiences with students and following their successes gained from the training provided.

Greg enjoys to cheering on his team The Western Bulldogs when AFL comes alive in winter. He is a life member of Altona Junior Football club where he was active as President and Under 14-18 Juniors coach for a number of years. Greg just loves the engagement with face to face training, recreationally or professionally.

When not occupied with AFL, Greg and his partner can be found exploring the local op shops and markets in nearby towns on the weekends. Greg loves 70’s/80’s rock and is said to play the air guitar like no other! His collection includes straw brooms, mops and vacuum cleaner pipes! And he loves to sing at karaoke and will hog the microphone when given the chance.

Shellie Dykstra

Trainer & Assessor

Shellie has extensive training and assessment experience in meat retail, abattoirs, boning rooms and smallgoods enterprises (e.g. Dons). She has been a Trainer-Assessor within North East Victoria prior to joining TQMS around 2015. Shellie provides training for Retail Butchers, Smallgoods, Meat Processing and Food Services.

Prior to becoming a trainer, Shellie gained a variety of industry experience from working as beef and pork boner (NSW/QLD), QA officer on both Slaughter floor and Boning rooms (NSW/QLD) and as a retail butcher in Bright (Vic).

Shellie loves the interaction with students and sharing her experiences and passion for this industry from Paddock to Plate. When she gets a chance, you’ll find Shellie cooking and socialising with friends, and she loves being in the outdoors camping and fishing.

Kaye Ferrari

Training and Assessment Specialist

Kaye Ferrari, with 23 years in the food industry, specialises in Certificates II & III in Meat Processing at TQMS. She holds Certificates II, III, and IV in Meat Processing, and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Since joining TQMS in 2016, Kaye has been dedicated to enhancing the skills and knowledge of trainees in meat processing.

Prior to her tenure at TQMS, Kaye worked at the Australian Lamb Company, progressing from a labourer on the slaughter floor to assistant manager, induction officer, and workplace trainer/assessor. Her extensive hands-on experience provides her with unique insights that she shares with her trainees, enriching their learning experience.

Kaye is passionate about not only training but also about connecting with her trainees, making every training session both informative and engaging. She thrives on the personal interactions and the opportunity to impact the professional journeys of those she teaches.

In her free time, Kaye enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and horse riding, which allow her to connect with nature and recharge, bringing fresh enthusiasm to her role as a trainer.

Dominique Hutchence

Trainer & Assessor (QLD)

We welcome Dominique to the training & assessment team as one of our recent additions to team in Queensland. Dominique is providing training in meat processing.

Dominique has worked in the last 17 years in a paddock to plate butchers shop as Retail Operation Manager and Production & Planning Manager. The butcher shop also had own smokehouses and manufactured smallgoods and fermented product on site.

As an trainer, Dominique receives a tremendous sense of fulfillment that comes from witnessing the joy and empowerment on people’s faces when they experience those “light bulb” moments and gain a newfound self-belief while learning new skills. She considers it a privilege to be able to contribute to and witness the personal growth and transformation of individuals. She finds that these moments serve as a constant reminder of the significant impact we can have on others, fuelling her passion to support and nurture their journey towards self-discovery and success.

Dominique finds immense joy in the simple pleasures that life has to offer, such as spending quality time with her loved ones, immersing herself in nature through fishing and camping, and savouring delicious food accompanied by a refreshing beer. She finds that there’s something truly special about the warmth and happiness that fills the air when families gathers together, creating memories and sharing laughter that will be cherished for a lifetime. Exploring the beauty of nature while casting her line into the water or experiencing the tranquillity of the great outdoors during camping trips brings a deep sense of fulfillment and peace to her soul.

And when it comes to food, Dominique finds there is nothing quite like indulging in delectable dishes while engaging in delightful conversations, complete with the perfect beverage to enhance the experience. It is these simple joys that bring her incredible happiness and remind her to appreciate the precious moments that life has to offer.

Lisa Land

Trainer & Assessor

Lisa joined TQMS in 2022, bringing with her a fresh enthusiasm and a unique blend of expertise in meat processing and quality control. She holds a Certificate III in Meat Processing Retail, Certificate IV in Meat Safety, and Certificate IV in Meat Processing-Quality Control.

Before joining TQMS, Lisa had a diverse career spanning various roles and organisations within the meat industry. She served as a Kill Floor Supervisor and Meat Inspector at Inglewood Meat Producers, one of Queensland’s largest domestic lamb abattoirs, and was involved in quality assurance at a gourmet smallgoods establishment, where she worked with both fermented and cooked products. Additionally, Lisa managed Inglewood Meat Mart as a butcher and manager, and worked at John Dee as a leading hand and slicer.

Lisa is passionate about teaching and enjoys the moments when trainees grasp and master difficult concepts in meat processing. Her deep appreciation for anatomy and biomechanics, particularly in horses, adds a unique perspective to her training sessions. Lisa’s background also includes a certificate in Horseshoeing from Texas and studies in Equine Rehabilitation across four countries, enhancing her understanding of biomechanics and stable management to maintain horses in top athletic condition.

In her free time, Lisa’s interests in equine health and performance shine through, as she continuously seeks to learn and apply her knowledge in both her professional and personal life.

Greg McKerchar

Trainer & Assessor

Greg brings his wide-ranging experience in meat processing, and fish export inspection and meat safety inspection (AQIS) to his role in TQMS as a well-respected and competent trainer. From identifying client training needs to customising training programs and taking into consideration cultural differences and workplace diversity, over more than 25 years Greg has developed a well-deserved reputation for providing quality training to industry clients.

Greg has held several project management positions focusing on food/meat processing training and assessment at the local, national and international level. By continually honing his skills, Greg has leveraged his extensive technical know-how of all things meat processing into a coaching role that serves to benefit newcomers to the industry. Greg possesses the fluid ability to work well at both the team member level and as a team leader, using his Project Management skills to improve the competency of the workforce within a business. You will find Greg to be an energetic and reliable trainer who thrives on change and troubleshooting. Greg trains qualifications in meat processing, meat safety, quality assurance, HACCP and animal welfare.

Greg loves the challenge to improve students skills and knowledge that can be used in and outside of the workplace. He enjoys spending time with people and hear their stories and how he can be of help in their growth.

Outside of work Greg is a qualified AFL coach and a keen AFL and cricket follower, that is when he’s not pottering around the house and garden.

Peter Melican

Trainer & Assessor

Peter’s wide-ranging career in the meat industry commenced with his role as a Meat Inspector for the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) over 35 years ago. Since then, his ongoing aspiration to be further involved in the industry has led him to attain qualifications in the areas of Food Processing, Meat Safety, Meat Processing, Quality Assurance and Transport and Logistics.

His work experience extends from inspection and quality assurance to supervision of production lines, training and assessment, OHS roles in meat and food processing, plastic packaging manufacturing, transport and logistics and fork lift licensing. His QA roles have involved ensuring that meat exported to overseas destinations meet food safety requirements for red meat industries and for smallgoods products to meet major supermarket and customer quality expectations.

Peter has a particular interest in ham and smallgoods production and coaches many of our newest trainers with his extensive knowledge. As a specialist in meat manufacturing and with a keen attention to personal development, Peter has kept up with advances in technology and food safety standards as well as evolving OHS requirements. His qualifications in food safety auditing, management, food technology and meat processing enable him to provide expert training in production efficiency and continuous improvement processes for the modern industry production and procedures.

When Peter gets the chance he’ll be walking the creek in Avenel, or driving up to the old farm to enjoy the trees, birds, fires and sunsets, and being available to support the grandchildren.

Adam Niedeck

Trainer & Assessor (QLD)

We welcome Adam to the training & assessment team as one of our recent additions to team in Queensland.

Over the past 10 years, Adam has build solid experience within the meat and retail industry. From team leader in manufacturing of poultry (Inghams), pork (Sunpork), meat (Hilton Foods) to meat manager at the big retailers (Coles, Woolworths), Adam loves sharing his meat knowledge. Adams enjoys engaging with students and seeing them learn new skills.

Adam is a passionate outdoor enthusiast and talented guitarist. Being in nature exploring and adventuring off the beaten track makes him reflect and appreciate his family.

Joe Princi

Trainer & Assessor

Joe has a long and varied career in the food industry, in both catering and manufacturing. In the late 90’s Joe owned a restaurant & upstairs bar in trendy Carlton. He then moved into Ready-to-Eat manufacturing of meals. Joe was mainly working as a production manager over the 20 years at 7 Chefs, but he was able to use his chef’s knowledge in various other roles such as performing feasibility studies, implementing new technologies, up-scaling from kitchen to factory line as the R&D manager.

For the last 7 years Joe has been active as a chef in his own food truck to various markets in the weekends. While initially preparing traditional calamari, his R&D skills kicked in to develop a crispier and gluten free product. This gluten-free calamari is now featuring his menu providing a high quality, tasty product, satisfying both consumers that live with a reduced food choice and non-coeliacs alike. Joe joined TQMS in 2022 as an assessor in cert III Meat processing.

Joe likes bike riding, water aerobics, fishing and he knows his way around a snooker table as a former competitive player. He started to learn how to play the harmonica a few years ago. Learning to play a few tunes and the convenience of carrying a musical instrument in his pocket attracted him to it. But he’s still looking for an instructor to take it to the next level.

Bernadine Roache

Trainer & Assessor (QLD)

We welcome Bernadine to the training & assessment team as one of our recent additions to team in Queensland. Bernadine is providing training in High Volume Baking.

Bernadine has a sound working history in quality and auditing roles throughout the food industry, most recently in various Quality Manager roles. With exposure to dairy, deserts, vegetable products and a variety of bakery goods, Bernadine is bringing her broad experience when delivering our high volume baking course.

Bernadine loves meeting new people and passing on her skills and knowledge to new and existing industry employees. She’ll do everything she can to have her students learn and grow, but she sees the sharing of students’ experiences as growth for herself as a trainer as well.

Dean Sims

Trainer & Assessor

Dean has had a long career in the meat industry, initially completing an apprenticeship as a butcher followed by working for leading butchers in the western suburbs including Dench in Laverton and Werribee Plaza before purchasing and successfully operating the Tarneit store.

After selling the store in 2005, he completed several courses in food hygiene and auditing and in 2010 was registered as a Food Safety Auditor, successfully completing in excess of 7000 Audits for SGS Australia.

Following SGS Australia, Dean worked as a Production Manager and Boning Room Manager for Auspork and Colonial Meats before being employed as a Technical Officer and Meat Trainer-Assessor at Melbourne Polytechnic.

Since 2017 Dean is one of TQMS’ specialist retail butchery trainers, delivering on-the-job training in retail butchers across Melbourne. Dean likes meeting new people and enjoys passing on his meat industry knowledge to the students. When not at work, you’ll find that Dean will be tuning into his passion for music.

Brett Woods

Trainer & Assessor

Brett is a talented and experienced Head Chef and Catering/Hospitality Manager. He has more than 30 years experience and expertise in all cooking, catering and managing hospitality venues, from food safety to the logistical challenges and everything in between. Prior to training in an RTO, Brett worked with Compass Group for more than 17 years as a senior Head Chef/Catering Manager. In his role with Compass-Group he looked after a wide range of venues around the state, where he trained all new managers and catering staff in a variety of topics relating to Food Safety, cooking trends, company policies and procedures, budgets and the running of day to day business.

His excellent culinary skills and knowledge, interpersonal skills and teaching ability make him the ideal for training and assessing Catering Operations and Meat Processing.

Brett loves teaching students in the work place with the knowledge he has gained in the 30+ years of hospitality and making people laugh and happy while doing so. Learning should be fun.

Brett loves his football and follows the Mighty Geelong Cats closely. He especially enjoys watching his daughters play and the amazing achievements they have gotten out of it. And if he’s not busy talking footy, then you’ll probably find driving and working on old American cars.


Alison Alford


Alison Alford plays a crucial role in our accounts team, providing invaluable support to the Administration Manager with the financial aspects of the company, including Accounts Payable, Receivable, and Payroll. Her comprehensive approach to finance management is backed by a Certificate III in Business and a Diploma in Human Resources, alongside 17 years of hands-on experience managing all aspects of administration in her own business.

Alison's professional life is a dynamic blend of responsibilities. Besides her part-time role at TQMS, she is deeply involved in the harness racing industry, working alongside her husband at their stable. As both a trainer and the administrator of the business, Alison skilfully manages a demanding schedule that includes the care of 20 horses.

Outside of her professional roles, Alison is a dedicated mother to two teenage children, who are both committed to their respective sports. Balancing her time between her family, two jobs, and her passion for harness racing, Alison rarely finds a spare moment for leisure. However, she treasures any opportunity to relax with her family's beloved Dalmatians. Her ability to juggle multiple high-commitment roles while maintaining her enthusiasm and effectiveness makes her an indispensable member of the TQMS team.

Maria Dobradi

Student Management

Maria is a key member of our administration team at TQMS, where she supports employers and apprentices in Victoria and Queensland throughout their training journeys, from commencement to the celebratory moment of issuing completion certificates. Her role is pivotal in ensuring a seamless and supportive experience for all parties involved.

Maria's career in the VET sector spans the last four years, where she has gained extensive experience and knowledge. Her background includes working within the legal system as a court judge's assistant and earlier roles in the travel sector, which ignited her passion for travel. Maria’s transition to Australia eight years ago involved significant personal growth as she worked to improve her English and help her children adapt to a new life. This experience has endowed her with profound empathy and understanding, qualities that greatly enhance her interactions within our diverse team.

Outside of work, Maria is deeply involved in her children's competitive swimming activities, enjoying time by the water and celebrating their achievements. She finds solace in reading, a hobby that allows her to escape into different worlds, and she expresses her creativity through baking. Whether it’s cakes, bread, or sweets, baking is Maria’s specialty, bringing joy not only to her family but also to her colleagues with her delicious treats.

Tracy Marten

Student Management

Tracy is an integral part of the TQMS team, focusing on student management and handling the enrolment process from the initial application to the commencement of training. She oversees the entire process for Hilton QLD, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for all involved.

With qualifications in Certificate III in Business and Cert III Business/Medical, Tracy brings valuable expertise to her role. Before joining TQMS, she was employed in a similar capacity at iTFE, where she honed her skills in student management and administrative responsibilities.

Outside of work, Tracy is an avid fitness enthusiast, often found at the gym or exploring new hiking trails. She also has a passion for live music, regularly attending gigs and concerts to indulge in her love of the arts. This blend of outdoor activities and cultural engagements keeps her energised and inspired, which she brings back to her professional role, enhancing her interactions with students and colleagues alike.