Sal d'Oca

Sal d'Oca

Trainer & Assessor

Sal has been involved in the food industry throughout his entire career in one capacity or another, ranging from catering and commercial food service, owning and operating a successful restaurant, to working in the food manufacturing sector. Sal has extensive experience in product development for customers such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Qantas Catering and major supermarket chains.

His passion for food, and possession of a wide range of catering and management skills combined with his expertise in food manufacturing have allowed Sal to naturally progress into the training and assessment field. Sal joined TQMS in 2009 after working for several other RTO’s and trains students in manufacturing, meat and hospitality.

Sal is particularly renowned for developing a great rapport with his industry colleagues and students due to a genuine interest in assisting teams and individuals in reaching their full potential within the food industry. His view is that you should always try to excel in whatever you do, however small or large, as everything you do makes a difference, if not to someone else, then at the very least to yourself.

Sal enjoys all the good things the great outdoors has to offer, fishing, bush walking, camping and cruising the highways on his two wheeled cruiser. In the home kitchen his creative juices are in full flow, bringing joy to family and friends.