Joe Princi

Joe Princi

Trainer & Assessor

Joe has a long and varied career in the food industry, in both catering and manufacturing. In the late 90’s Joe owned a restaurant & upstairs bar in trendy Carlton. He then moved into Ready-to-Eat manufacturing of meals. Joe was mainly working as a production manager over the 20 years at 7 Chefs, but he was able to use his chef’s knowledge in various other roles such as performing feasibility studies, implementing new technologies, up-scaling from kitchen to factory line as the R&D manager.

For the last 7 years Joe has been active as a chef in his own food truck to various markets in the weekends. While initially preparing traditional calamari, his R&D skills kicked in to develop a crispier and gluten free product. This gluten-free calamari is now featuring his menu providing a high quality, tasty product, satisfying both consumers that live with a reduced food choice and non-coeliacs alike. Joe joined TQMS in 2022 as an assessor in cert III Meat processing.

Joe likes bike riding, water aerobics, fishing and he knows his way around a snooker table as a former competitive player. He started to learn how to play the harmonica a few years ago. Learning to play a few tunes and the convenience of carrying a musical instrument in his pocket attracted him to it. But he’s still looking for an instructor to take it to the next level.