Jenny Edwards

Jenny Edwards

Educational Design
Trainer & Assessor

Jenny is a seasoned educator in the food industry and an approved Allergen Bureau VITAL Trainer. Jenny has a passion to support learners in their learning journey and has a vested interest in allergens and allergen labelling due to anaphylaxis risk of a family member. She is also a trainer and assessor in Meat Safety and High Volume Baking.

Jenny has an extensive background in education, which is applied to the design, development and implementation of specialist training programs and the Learning Management System to support TQMS’ workplace-based training and assessment programs. As a part of the TQMS team since 2015, Jenny liaises with industry bodies, employers and not-for-profit organisations, and provides professional development support to TQMS’ training and assessment staff. 

When Jenny is not in the office, you might find her taking a beach walk or losing herself in the art of chocolate making. Jenny brings passion, enthusiasm and dedication to all aspects of life and has a keen interest in environmental issues.