Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement

For detailed information regarding RTO compliance, please select and download the relevant PDF files from the list below:

6051 - Training and Quality Management Services Pty Ltd RTO Report
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AQTF Registration Audit Report
The Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) is the national set of standards which assures nationally consistent, high-quality training and assessment services for the clients of Australia’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) system.
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AQTF Learner & Employer Survey Report
Employer Satisfaction (competency development, and training and assessment quality). This indicator focuses on employers’ evaluations of learners’ competency development, its relevance to work and further training, and the overall quality of the training and assessment.

Learner satisfaction (learner engagement and competency development). This indicator focuses on the extent to which learners are engaging in activities likely to promote high-quality skill outcomes, as well as learners’ perceptions of the quality of their competency development and the support they receive from RTOs.

These indicators are based on a survey of 108 students and 8 employers. This sample represents 53 per cent of this organisation’s students that completed their courses in the 2016 calendar year and 24 per cent of those students' employers. The students and employers surveyed for these indicators were selected by this organisation in accordance with national guidelines.
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TQMS - Complaints & Appeals Process
The complaints management framework at TQMS seeks to embed local area decision making and complaints handling with the capacity for decisions to be escalated and reviewed through a series of checks and balances.

The purpose of the complaints, reviews, appeals and feedback process is to provide fair, transparent and consistent processes for dealing with complaints, feedback, and applications for review and appeal.
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