2013 TQMS

Food Processing

Food Processing – An Introduction

Food work training programs are available at Certificate I, II or III level, across a range of disciplines including food processing, food handling, food safety, food inspection and HACCP.

TQMS graduates are provided with nationally recognised qualifications which enables industry employment throughout Australia.

The purpose of the qualifications is to provide skills and knowledge for food operators to perform job roles in the food processing and manufacturing premises. These job roles may include:
• Grain processing (including stock feed, animal feeds, milling wheat, barley, oats and flour milling)
• Beverages (including juices, soft drinks, cordials, aerated and still waters, energy drinks and other modified beverages, such as vitamin and antioxidant beverages, coffee, tea and ice)
• Confectionery
• Dairy processing
• Fruit and vegetables
• Grocery products and supplies (including honey, jams, spreads, sauces, dressings, condiments, spices, edible oils and fats and pasta)
• Poultry