Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best program for me?

Individual needs vary greatly according to the individual industry requirements and student goals. Contact TQMS to discuss your individual aspirations and needs.

How much does it cost?

Costs can vary depending on the program, the number of students within each organisation and the duration of the program selected. You may be eligible for government assistance or funding through the Victorian Training Guarantee (VTG).

Why should I choose TQMS for my training?

TQMS provides excellent training services to industry and has highly qualified, experienced teachers to deliver its programs. Highly qualified professionals are able to offer an excellent balance of skills, creative leadership and experience in delivering training and business improvement to the food industry.

We understand that everyone is different and needs a fresh educational approach to optimise individual performance and training outcomes.

Will a Certificate IV contribute towards my apprenticeship?

Certificates III & IV replace what was formerly referred to as trade certificates, so in most cases, the answer is yes. Contact us for further details and clarification regarding individual cases.

How difficult are the courses?

TQMS training programs are designed to be easily understood. The training materials are clear and concise and are written in simple, easily understood language. Each program is tailored to individual reuirements, with most training being done in the workplace.

Are there any prerequisites for the training programs?

The programs are delivered in English and it assumed that students will have a good understanding of written and spoken English. However, there are currently no academic prerequisites for Certificates I, II, III & IV.

What's in it it for me personally?

In addition to providing your employer with a higher degree of competency, nationally recognised qualifications can widen your options within the industry as well as improve your standing within individual organisations.