Victorian Training Guarantee

Overview of the Victorian Training Guarantee (VTG)

The Victorian Training Guarantee is making vocational education and training more accessible to people who do not hold a post-school qualification, or who want to gain a higher level qualification than they already hold.

Full implementation of the Victorian Training Guarantee came into effect on 1 January 2011, providing government-subsidised training to all eligible Victorians choosing to undertake vocational education and training (VET). It can be accessed at any time and it will continue to be available for training at successively higher levels of education. While a person keeps moving up the qualification scale, the VTG will continue to subsidise their training.


You are eligible for a government-subsidised training place if you are:

  • An Australian citizen

  • An Australian Permanent Resident (holder of a permanent visa)

  • A New Zealand citizen
  • and are any of the following:

  • 20 years+ and ‘upskilling’ by seeking to enrol in a course at a higher level than your existing qualification
  • You are eligible to begin two government subsidised courses in any calendar year, as long as you are not doing any more than two government subsidised courses at a time. For example, if you are continuing a government subsidised Certificate III in Meat Safety from a previous calendar year, you can start one more course in this calendar year until you finish (or withdraw from) your Meat Safety course, then you may be able to start a second course in the current calendar year subject to eligibility requirements.

    A lifetime limit of commencing a maximimum of two courses at a given level applies, subject to additional criteria. Foundation Skills courses do not count towards these limits.

    Further Information

    Further information is available on the Victorian Government Department of Education and Early Childhood Development website:

    Victorian Government Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

    Federal Government Funding

    Federal government funding is available for eligible individuals undertaking further education, study or training with government approved Registered Training Organisations (RTO's).

    Further information is available about Australian Government traininig grants on their website:

    Australian Government Education and training grants